Spring Cleaning & Revamping

I don't care what the weather has been doing recently, I am definitely in spring cleaning mode.  The few days of sunshine we have had already have worked their magic and I am raring to go!  This has definitely been helped by our recent revamp of the sitting room, which I still need to blog about properly.  And the feeling has been cemented (pardon the pun!) by our newly re-tiled bathroom.

There was a leak from our bathroom into the downstairs flat last year which, thankfully, turned out to be part of the structure of our building, so it was the freeholder's responsibility to sort it out.  They fixed the leak but took forever and a day to repair the damage they had caused in the process.  We have lived for far too long with a hole in the boxing round the pipes and broken and lifted tiles everywhere.

Finally, after withholding our maintenance charge payments (funny how that worked!), they have organised a builder to repair it all and completely re-tile the bathroom.  A bit of a result really, as it is now like having a whole new bathroom!  We opted for white as I like a fresh, clean look in a bathroom, and I think a completely neutral background can then be jazzed up as you please.

Here's the finished result:

I'm loving the fact that it's all so nice and bright and shiny - now we just have to keep it that way!!  We've got rid of the old storage we had in there which was glass and chrome, as the chrome parts had unfortunately started to corrode.  The plan is now to get a white bookcase from IKEA like this one, and to use lots of nice boxes and baskets to tuck all the toiletries and things away in.  I'll let you have a peek when it's done.
Of course, the bathroom is just the beginning of our spring cleaning and rejigging, and we have had another big clear out of our DVDs and CDs to sell to our favourite selling site musicMagpie.  The sitting room come playroom is nearly finished, although the top things on our wish list - a new TV and a new computer - may take a little while to materialise!  Both are on their way out, but not so badly that we can justify buying a new version immediately, unfortunately.  At least I can add to our savings with our payment from Music Magpie for this lot!

Our next mission is the bedroom, where we need more storage and a big re-organisation and clear out - watch this space!!!

What are your spring cleaning and revamping plans?


  1. I have been spring cleaning the last few days - love having a big tidy out and super clean! Well love the feeling after its done anyway!


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