Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Curse of The Ivy

My blog is now officially over a year old, having celebrated its first birthday on St Patrick's Day.  We have had the most wonderful opportunities in the past year as a result of my jottings and ramblings, from new toys for the girls to days out, and even holidays.

I have also been invited twice to legendary London restaurant, The Ivy.  The first time I couldn't go because one of the girls was ill, and the second time, earlier this week, it was because I was ill.  Food poisoning.  Two words which will strike fear into the hearts and bodies of those who have ever experienced it.  Yep, full-blown, horrible, nasty, in all its glory, food poisoning.  Truly ghastly.

The occasion for this second delightful invitation was the press launch of the rather gorgeous Silver Cross Wayfarer Combination Pushchair and Simplicity Car Seat, which I will blog about later.  But having been desperate, and unable, to go to The Ivy for a second time, I have a special plea for all the fantastic companies we work with:

Please arrange for all future product launches and press events to be held in the auspicious surroundings of The Ivy, and invite me to all of them.

My theory is that, if I receive a couple of hundred new invitations I must be able to make it there at least once!  Failing that, if Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Clive Owen, or quite frankly any vaguely fit rich bloke is reading, I'm free for dinner at The Ivy on a night of your choosing.  My husband's perfectly fine with it, aren't you dear? *kick*

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