Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Walkers Announces Move to Real Flavours

Walkers have recently announced that they are moving to using British-grown real ingredients as flavourings for their crisps.  Great news as this means they will be replacing nasties like monosodium glutamate with real food flavourings like British cheese, onions and tomatoes.  Unfortunately, it's not all good news for vegetarians as they will also be using real pork and chicken flavourings - no more Smoky Bacon crisps for me then!  But on the other hand, I've got to support a move away from fake flavourings and other dodgy ingredients.

In this video Walkers legend, and sometime footballer, Gary Lineker, will be joined by his dad Barry, a fruit and veg market trader for some 40 years!  The man knows a thing or two about vegetables, and is happy to share his knowledge with his famous son.  Of course I jest on the 'sometime footballer' front, Lineker junior was capped an amazing 80 times for England and scored a whopping 330 goals in his career as a striker.

Linking up in their home town of Leicester, the Lineker boys set off on a journey of discovery to find out about Walkers' new direction.  Visiting tomato growers in Evesham, a potato farmer in Hook and a dairy farm in Ditcheat, they investigate the new British-grown ingredients, and give them the Lineker seal of approval.  Looks like they had lots of fun along the way too!

After nearly a decade as the face of Walkers crisps, Lineker has helped them grow to hold 47% of the British crisp market, and I'm sure this new move to real, fresh ingredients will continue that growth.

You can find out more by liking Walkers on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

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