Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What's Your Top Moneysaving Tip? Win £100! - Closed

We try to share lots of budgetting tips and advice here on Attachment Mummy, things we do ourselves or have picked up along the way, but we would love to hear your top moneysaving tips!

Money Supermarket have asked us to put together a Top 10 of saving tips from you the reader, and if yours is one of their favourites you will win £100!!!

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a cool ton, just e-mail me on attachmentmummy@yahoo.co.uk with your top savings tips by 29th March, that's this Friday!!

I will then put together my favourite 10 Commandments of Saving in a blog post and send it off to Money Supermarket for them to decide which they like best.  And if yours is one of their top 10 you win that £100!  They may even choose more than one of your ideas!

So what do you think Money Supermarket should include in their Top 10?

To enter:

Send me an email with your top moneysaving tip(s) by March 29th to attachmentmummy@yahoo.co.uk with '10 Commandments of Saving' in the subject line.

I will then choose my favourite ten and submit them in a blog post to Money Supermarket, and keep my fingers crossed for you!!  I would love it if one of my readers won!!

If you would like to read more about this competition, you can do so here.

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