10 Commandments of Saving

Well, what a thrifty lot you are!  Thank you for all your brilliant moneysaving tips for the MoneySupermarket.com competition.  Lots of you are embracing the thrifting and upcycling trend, many save a particular coin or coin and watch it quickly mount up, and you all know the golden rule of never shopping when you're hungry!

To be honest it was really difficult to decide on just ten 'commandments of saving', but without further ado here are my ten favourites, in no particular order:

1. Order your grocery shopping online with all of the various shops. You'll get an average of £10 off your first shop, you'll save by not paying petrol to go to the shops, you won't be tempted to impulse buy and if you don't shop with a store for a while, they'll probably send you a free delivery voucher!  Kate Smith

2. I do my fruit and veg shopping at a local market rather than at the supermarket. I usually get two huge bags full of vegetables and fruit for around £5. I would probably spend double this on all the pre-packaged stuff at the supermarkets! Those markets are worth finding.  Claire McEvoy

3. My top saving tip is never pay full price for anything without checking for current offers on websites such as ‘my voucher codes’ or checking whether you can use nectar points or exchange supermarket loyalty vouchers for special offers.  It’s very rare anyone needs to pay full price admission for theme parks or days out as there are frequently 2 for 1 offers on everything from cereal to clubcard points.  Sue Willshee

4. Do the bulk of your Christmas shopping in January.  Following Christmas, most shops reduce items by between 50-75% so you can stock up on next Christmas' pressies early and save yourself a fortune.  Melanie Clarke who blogs at The Popcorn Girls

5. My top tip is to write a meal plan for the week before you go shopping, that way you will only be buying the food you need for each meal so no food waste and will save you time each day as you will already know what you are going to be cooking. you will also be saving money because you wont be buying extra things you don't need.  Sam Ransom

6. 'Track' items on sites such as Amazon that you're interested in for children's gifts, they'll alert you when the price drops.  Olivia Kirby

7. At the end of the month - the night before payday I see what is in the bank account then divide it equally into two amounts.  1 half goes towards paying off which ever credit card store card need it the most.  The other half goes straight into my savings account.  Sometimes it £70 some times just £1 or £2 but it all mounts up!!  Paula Harvey

8. Shop with a friend. Make a list of every day items that you both need and then you can bulk buy and split the cost and split the packs between you.  Katherine Coldicott

9. Start a garden kitchen. There is nothing nicer than just popping out into your own 'garden super-market' to collect a few bits for supper!  Sydelle Ferguson

10. Since having my first child I've had to set a strict budget - I've learned the value of the simple question, "do I really need this?" and recognising when I just fancy a treat.  I've learned there are some times when I need to ask myself this more than others, for example if I'm in town with an hour to kill and my mind starts racing thinking of all the shops I could go to, I soon find myself with something half price, a bargain!  Then I ask myself "do I really need this?" and put it back.  If it's been a frazzled money day I sometimes realise I need a treat, a 60p chocolate bar is cheaper than that half price department store purchase and just as satisfying; in a nutshell allow yourself small treats occasionally, and otherwise stick to the essentials!  Angela Broadbridge who blogs at There and Back Again... A Mother's Tale

I hope they choose one of your wonderful entries!!

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