Friday, 5 April 2013

All the Fun of the Fair at Butlins!

Carousel or Corkscrew? Dodgems or Dragon’s Fury? Trabant or Tower of Terror?

Butlins has opened its newly revamped traditional fairground as Brits confirm that they have more fun at traditional fairgrounds than big theme parks.  According to new research, an amazing almost two thirds of Brits say they have had more fun at traditional fairgrounds than at any big theme parks.

In recent years, mega American-Style theme parks have become a must-visit for kids, but how many Brits actually long for a day at the seaside, riding traditional fairground rides and enjoying time spent with the family?

Close to 90% say that great British fairgrounds remind them of their youth, while almost half say they give them a feeling of nostalgia.  Three quarters even go so far as saying that fairgrounds epitomise our 'Best of British' heritage.

When asked about their favourite rides, dodgems topped the list, with carousels coming in second place and chairoplanes a close third.Sir Billy Butlin was the first to bring dodgems to the UK and now Butlins Bognor Regis has opened its fully refurbished traditional fairground with Britain’s favourite fairground rides to try and bring back a little bit of the excitement and joy that many Brits experienced as kids.

Guests can now get dizzy on the dodgems, whirl through the breeze on the beautiful new spinning carousel, fly through the air on the chairoplanes and enjoy classic fairground rides such as the helter-skelter, the Paratroopers and Trabant rides.

Holidaymakers wanting some more laid back fun can play games such as hook a duck and the coconut shy, or bite into clouds of candyfloss.

Vanessa Toulmin (Professor in Fairgrounds - yes that's her real title!) says:

“This is a fair you can go on with your grandparents, parents can take their children, teenagers can go on the rides, young families can go on the helter skelter and play on the sideshows. It’s perfect…..”

The fairground is also home to the World of Wonders and Street Theatre Sideshows.

Have a look at all that the fabulous fairground has in store:

As with all Butlins’ fairgrounds, guests will be able to go on all of their favourite rides as many times as they like and it won’t cost them a penny extra on top of the price of their break!  Perfect for all families in these difficult times.

We had great fun at the fairground on a recent day visit, and will be looking forward to more fun at the fair when we go on our Butlins Ambassadors trip in June.

A four night break at the Wave hotel at Butlins Bognor Regis resort starts from just £49 per person.

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