Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Decorating Desires

I've got a bit of a confession to make.  I have developed a new, rather secret, interest: decorator porn.  I can often be found covertly gazing at the interiors of several hundred thousand pound houses on the Internet, or perusing a pile of decorating magazines picked up for pennies at charity shops, I have even - whisper - started watching the highly smug Sarah Beeny!  Yep, it's that bad!

One of my favourite sites is housetohome which has everything from perfect reader homes to latest product finds, and everything you could wish for!  many a happy hour can be spent flicking through the virtual pages, and of course Pinning away to my heart's content!

Why this affliction has suddenly afflicted me is anyone's guess, but it is probably a combination of the re-vamping and redecorating work we have been doing at home, as well as the usual spring fever that gives everyone a spring cleaning boost and a desire to do something to their home.

My biggest problem is whether I prefer ultra modern, although I am absolutely certain I will never achieve minimalism, as anyone who knows me will testify!; or the charms of country-style and maybe even a little bit of chintz.  So this or this, which do you prefer?

One of the things I most covet in my property prowling is a conservatory, a proper multi-window conservatory, but call me Little Miss Practical, I find myself wondering how to dress all those windows!  I don't think I could bear leaving it all open to the elements and the night, so curtains or preferably blinds would be essential.

Personally I think blinds look far better, but the idea of fitting all those blinds, yikes!!  I was delighted then to find the fab Perfect Fit Blinds at Web-Blinds.  They just click straight into your UPVC windows, no DIY required.  Music to Steve's ears!  Best of all for us parents, there are no cords involved so they are just perfect from a safety point of view.

Now my much-coveted conservatory could still be a very long way off, unless we cover over our balcony, but cord-free blinds would be perfect for any room in the home, so we will definitely be bearing them in mind when we eventually move.  Especially with the no DIY, just click and go aspect!  Perfect.

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