Saturday, 6 April 2013

Early Rider Explorer's Handbook & New Products

Early Rider, the family-owned children’s bicycle company,aims to show that adventure is at the heart of cycling, and encourages young kids and their parents to spend more time outside exploring.  They believe in getting children on bikes as early as possible - hence the Early Rider name!

They have just sent us a copy of their fab new 'Explorers Handbook', which is full of activities, poems and illustrations that encourage each Early Rider owner to explore the outdoors with their new bike.

Thee book was illustrated and written by Anna Carpen and ia available via the Early Rider website and Amazon.

Early Rider founder, Andy Loveland says:

"We're very excited about our ... beautiful children's book ... which aim[s] to inspire children and their parents to get outside and explore the world and start having adventures from as young an age as possible."

The book begins with asking the rider to give their new bike a name and have their photo taken with him/her.  Once personalised, the book is designed to encourage the rider to earn a flame badge for every season of the year.  This can be done by spotting different leaf types in Autumn, or clouds in Summer, and listening out for different sounds in nature in Springtime.

There are activities to do, crafts to make, and colouring in opportunities, but the emphasis is on getting out and about on your bike, whatever the season.  I think it would really help with confidence on a bike too. It's a lovely idea.

If you are not familiar with Early Rider products, they have funky wooden
balance bikes designed for use from 20 months up to 5.5 years; pedal bikes from 20 months plus; and the super cool Spherovelo, which is suitable from 12 months plus.

They are also launching the new Alley Runner from Monday 8th April!

My favourite is the Spherovelo, described as a 'revolution in the physical development of young children', this cool, fun ride-on is designed to teach balance and motor skills in an intuitive, fun and rewarding way.

It is the first ride-on to help with co-ordination of the motor system and sensory perception in early toddlerhood, and is intended to be the first stage towards a lifetime of bike riding. Plus it looks super cool too! A true modern classic.

Early Rider products are available via their online shop, but make sure you read up on the perfect bike for your child on the website first.

You can also find Early Rider on Facebook and Twitter.

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