Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Foam Party: Sofa cushions and what you need to know

It is a commonly held belief in many religions that we possess a soul. An intangible and spiritual part of us that has no physical presence but nevertheless exists.  It is what gives us our sense of morality and individuality. There is no proof for the soul but believers are sure it exists. It adds depth, warmth and emotion to the otherwise explainable physical aspect of our bodies. A soul is often considered the difference between something that is alive and a simple inanimate object.

If we were to apply this concept to a sofa, then the cushions would very definitely be the soul. The physical frame and structure would still exist but without the cushions, the sofa would be like all the others. It is the way the cushions respond and move that elevate this beyond a simple place to sit and into a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

So what is it that makes a good sofa cushion? Well, there are various elements that need to be considered. The materials used are of crucial importance. The inside structure of most sofa cushions is foam but it is the quality of the foam that is key. A poor quality foam will lose its bounce after a short time. It will also start to lose its shape too, leaving your sofa looking tired and saggy.

The outer fabric is also important. Again it is the quality that is the real key here. A good fabric like leather or suede will be durable and comfortable. Some synthetic fabrics look tired quickly and lose their touch and colour qualities too. If you’re going to be spending lots of time on the couch then you need to know it’s not going to wear badly. Just like you should never scrimp on your bed, bed sheets or duvets, paying for a quality leather sofa is definitely a solid investment.

Another important factor you need to consider is if your sofa is environmentally friendly. Some sofas do contain nasty chemicals and materials that might cause you long-term harm in some circumstances. Always try and go for a sofa made with natural and environmentally friendly materials. This is especially true if you have little ones around. Fire safety is also another important consideration. Most modern sofas will have had to pass fire safety tests but you can never be too careful.

If your sofa cushions have seen better days then why not invest in a brand new leather sofa or armchairs to complement your home? Sainsbury’s have an impressive range of sofas and armchairs sure to match any home – take a look at their collection online today.

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