Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy International Carrot Day!

Yep, bet you didn't know that!  Here's a few carroty facts for you:

  • Carrots have the highest amount of beta carotene (vitamin A) of all vegetables.  They also contain lots of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium.

  • The seeing in the dark thing is a total myth which was propagated by the government during the Second World War to deal with a glut of carrots.  Propaganda suggested that the RAF's excellent night-flying skills and target success were due to eating carrots.  Of course, carrots were also conveniently easy to grow at home, thus taking pressure off other food supplies too.

  • Oddly, the carrot is actually a member off the parsley family, which includes species such as fennel, coriander, celery and dill.  Maybe that's why those ingredients pair so well with carrots!

  • Carrots originated in Afghanistan around the 7th Century, and were originally purrple.  Other colours developed over time, but the Dutch developed the hardy orange variety we know today in the 16th Century.

  • The Greeks used carrots, or 'Philtron' as they were known, as a love potion, presumably because of their - ahem - rather phallic shape...

  • Joe Atherton from Nottinghamshire grew the world's longest carrot in 2007, measuring a whopping 5.84 metres long!!

Add some carrots to your diet today - whether soup, vegetable, salad or just as a healthy snack, tasty carrots - preferably organic - are both delicious and healthy.  You could even try a white or purple variety!

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  1. Thanks, J loves carrots, but pretty sure his fussinesss wouldn't let him eat a purple one.


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