Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: Debenhams Flowers

There are days that I thank my lucky stars I fell into this blogging lark, and Thursday last week was one of them.  We had a constant stream of delightful deliveries all day, from chocolate to toys and books, but by far my favourite was one just for me - beautiful burnt orange roses from Debenhams Flowers with an accompanying bag of luscious Sanctuary goodies.  Lucky me!

The flowers and Sanctuary gift arrived in a large box, which the cats quickly requisitioned as a fort with excellent windows (holes) to play fight each other through!  The flowers were wrapped in gorgeous contrasting lime green cellophane, which was perfect against their intense orange and the deep greens of the foliage.  They stood in a rigid plastic box which contained the modern equivalent of oasis, thus keeping them moist and very perky for delivery.


Debenhams Flowers has recently launched several new ranges of flowers with gifts, perfect for everyone and every occasion.  I will certainly be telling my husband about the gorgeous New Baby ones!  All offer next day delivery, if ordered before 4pm, and come with a guarantee for 7 days of freshness.

You can find them all online at Debenhams Flowers, but here are the direct links to the new ranges:

Even better, Attachment Mummy readers can get
20% off the Flowers & Sanctuary Spa
and Flowers & Baby Gifts ranges
with the discount code AM20DF
until 31st May 2013.

I would highly recommend Debenhams Flowers as the roses are of excellent quality and are still going strong several days later, plus they look rather gorgeous in our newly revamped bathroom!


  1. I had no idea they did flowers ...aren't they lovely oh and congrats on your pregnancy how wonderful

    1. Thanks Becky, they're gorgeous aren't they?! Very excited about bub 3 :-)

  2. Burnt orange what a beautiful colour, I usually choose pinks but these are lovely

  3. They look nice, it's my mum's birthday soon.


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