Review: Organix Organic Banana Rice Cakes & Vanilla Multigrain Hearts

We're not usually big on baby and toddler snack foods at home, tending to give the girls fruit or crackers or something instead.  But we do like to have some Organix snacks on standby for when we're heading out and about.  The joy of Organix is that they contain nothing but good natural organic ingredients, no weird non-food ingredients, and no junk.  We were recently sent their latest finger foods to try out: Banana Rice Cakes and Vanilla Multi Grain Hearts.

Suitable for babies from 7 months of age, the Organic Banana Rice Cakes have been created to develop key skills such as hand eye coordination, and more complex self-feeding skills.  They are specifically designed to help your baby develop their scissor grip and progress from grabbing with the palm of their hands. The texture of the rice cake is firm enough to hold but also gentle enough for their developing gums.  But even better they taste great too!

The girls both loved the Rice Cakes, which are coated in banana juice and not too sweet or even too banana-y!  They are really nice and really tasty, the perfect snack for out and about.  In fact we left the opened packet in the car with its top folded over, and they were still crisp and yummy two days later, so a great standby for travelling in car or buggy.  Perfect from 7 months up, but still highly popular with 3 year olds in our experience!

Organix has also launched new Multi-packs of their Vanilla Multi Grain Hearts which are suitable from 10 months, and help to develop babies' pincer grip.  Designed to support babies as they start to feed themselves more confidently, they are just the right size to help develop fine motor skills using the pincer grip with thumb and forefinger.

Lara was less keen on the Vanilla Multi Grain Hearts, but Sophia really likes them and has been having a few in a bowl when she watches a DVD with Lara - getting her into the idea of popcorn early!  They are like little rice puffs, kind of Sugar Puff tasting but without the sugariness.  Rather moreish, I must say, and Sophia really likes picking them up one by one to eat.  Definitely a big hit with her!

Both products are widely available.


  1. Great review - I think my little ones would like to try these!


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