Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Organix Recipe Bases

Ages ago we were sent a range of Organix products, three of their Recipe Base dishes, which are pre-made bases to which you can add extra ingredients or just heat through in the microwave; and three of their Paste Pots, which are sauce starters to be added to fresh ingredients.  All had a long shelf date, which was just as well considering how long it has taken us to use them!  No excuse for this, just being completely pre-occupied and letting them slip to the back of the cupboard - oops!  Anyway, here's what we did with the Recipe Bases:
The idea of the Recipe Bases is

Each pack conatins 2 portions.  They are suitable for toddlers aged 10 months to 3 years+.

The Tomatoey Spaghetti Recipe Base consisted of chopped up 'mini' spaghetti with vegetables including carrot, courgette and red pepper.  The recipe suggestion was to add a chopped cherry tomatos, some basil and a little mozarella.  The recipe base was quite tasty in itself, but we jazzed it up with a squeeze of lazy chilli, and added some diced pepper, tomatoes and spring onions.  this went down really well with Sophia, who loves chilli-flavoured things, but not so much with Lara.  She thought the spaghetti was 'too cooked' and a bit mushy.  Sophia happily wolfed down Lara's portion too!

The Mexican Rice and Sweetcorn smelt really nice when we took the lid off, but actually tasted quite bland.  We popped it in a pan and added some chopped olives, tomatoes, spring onions and yellow pepper.  It was really yummy!

Our final product was the Herby Vegetable Pasta, another great lunch for the girls.  WE didn't tweak this one this time, but will do in future.  Maybe adding some more veg, such as sweetcorn and peas, or adding some beans.  I love this idea of having a starting point which you can then add things too, well done Organix!

There are lots of other ideas on how to transform the Recipe Bases online at

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