Review: Tims Dairy Yogurts

We have recently been sent the most wonderful selection of yogurts from independent producer, Tims Dairy.  Begun as a family business in London in 1949, they are now located in the Chiltern Hills.  The Timotheou family have been making fresh, live yogurt since then, combining their Greek heritage  and over 60 years experience to produce the fantastic range of live and bio-live yogurt they offer today.

The yogurts are available in a wide range of flavours and types, from the Tiny Tims for children aged 6 months to 6 years, via the Wholemilk Live standard and large pots, to larger Bio-Live Greek Style pots.

We tried so many delicious varieties that I ended up keeping a tasting notebook!  All of them were so creamy and delicious, quite unlike other mass-produced brands.  This is 'real' yogurt, and tastes like it!

The standard sized pots we sampled were Raspberry, Black Cherry, Strawberry and Toffee flavours.  My favourite was the Raspberry which was quite sharp but not too much so, and full of flavour.  Delicious!  I found the Black Cherry one a little 'cheesy' tasting for some reason, but that might be weird pregnancy taste buds, Steve finished the pot and said it was very nice.  The Strawberry was yummy too, with definite pieces of whole fruit, and a proper ripe strawberry flavour.  I must admit too to a bit of a thing about toffee yogurts - it's like dessert but not, so no guilt!  The Tim's Dairy Toffee was delicious, not too sweet and lovely and thick.

If the standard yogurt pots were thick creamy, we could only expect the Greek Style Yogurts to be even more so, and we certainly weren't disappointed!  Steve has fallen madly in love with the Blackcurrant flavour and demanded it be added to every Ocado order; and if Sophia could speak, she would ask the same for the Honey flavour.  She absolutely adored that one and polished off the entire big tub by herself!  The Raspberry was again delicious, and my favourite, and the unflavoured one was lovely with berries for pudding one evening.

The big pots we sampled had similar flavours to the others, being Strawberry, Greek Style and Greek Style with Honey, so all went down well as mentioned above.  The Peach was also delicious, a great reminder of summer and full of fleshy pieces and flavour.  Lara loved that one the most.  We also had a tub of Natural Yogurt, which was good and thick and not too sharp-tasting.  I had that one to myself for morning muesli which was fine by me!

We also tried the Tiny Tims, which are little mini yogurt pots for children, the perfect size for packed lunch boxes.  The four flavours in the pack are Peach, Banana, Raspberry and Strawberry.  The Banana was a very pleasant surprise, as very often banana yoggurt has a very distinctive, rather strange taste with a sort of grainy aftertaste, we find.  This Banana yogurt was smooth, very pleasant tasting and had no yucky aftertaste.  In fact it was really nice and the girls were both very keen on it.  The other flavours were similar to the bigger pots, so Lara soon snaffled the Peach varieties, and Sophia the Strawberry.

Packed with Potassium, Calcium and Vitamin B12, each Tiny Tim pot it is hoped will help children 'grow strong and healthy and become bigger Tims Dairy yogurt fans.'  I certainly think Sophia and Lara would agree with that, here's Sophia tucking into her Strawberry Tiny Tim pot.

If that's not a vote of confidence in Tim's Dairy Yogurts, I don't know what is!

Tim's Dairy yogurts are available nationwide from Ocado, or you can find your local stockist here.

We highly recommend them, in every flavour!!


  1. Need to pass this on to my Niece. Her wee girl loves Yogurt

  2. i think they would make a nice change for the kids than the usual petit filous.

  3. I have bought these a few times and me and the kids love them!

  4. Oh these sound nice - I don't have kids but I admit sometimes I do like a tiny bit of yogurt :) x

  5. Thanks for the review - I must admit it is not brand I have come across yet so will keep a look out!

  6. I love independent stuff. This looks gorgeous :)

  7. These sound gorgeous. I might have to start using Ocado again

  8. thanks for the review, even the packaging looks creamy and dreamy


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