Review: Tomy Play to Learn Pic N Pop

Before I write anything else, can I just tell you how much I hate writing negative reviews.  We are privileged to be sent lots of delightful toys, clothes, food stuffs, and much more and, although I will always be honest in my reviews, I far prefer to have positive things to say - even if I do sometimes have to make it a negative sandwich, with a criticism in the middle!  It is very rare to have nothing positive to say at all, but unfortunately I find myself in that position today.

However, people find our Attachment Mummy reviews every day via search engines, presumably when they are looking to buy, use or visit the product/service/event we have reviewed.  Therefore, I wholeheartedly believe that we have a responsibility to our readers, loyal or occasional, to tell the truth about the products and services we review.   As I say it is rare to have nothing positive to say at all.  So rare in fact that I have  been dreading writing this and have put it off and put it off, but today I'm finally feeling brave enough to bite the bullet!

OK, so our lovely friends at The Entertainer asked us to review the Tomy Play to Learn Pic N Pop for them.  We had seen the cute TV advert and thought fab, that looks fun, especially with Sophia on the move now.

This is what Tomy has to say about the toy:

Play to Learn Pic N Pop is a unique and fun popper unit that gets toddlers on the move!  One click of the button launches a colourful ball from the chute, then simply roll over the ball with the popper unit and the ball will be magically picked up, ready for the fun to start again.  Picc N Pop comes with 5 balls and does not require batteries.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

And this is what it should look like in action:

Unfortunately, it is nothing like this.  Yes, the balls shoot out when the buttons on the handle are depressed, but picking them up again with the toy is an absolute nightmare.  They have to be in a very precise position, so if they move around, as balls inevitably will, they do not get picked up.  Then you have to hold the toy itself at a very specific angle, otherwise it won't pick them up.  Plus you have to go over the balls at a certain speed to pick them up.  There really is no 'simply roll over the ball' as Tomy state in the product description!

Getting that whole sequence correct is tricky for Steve or I, let alone a 3 year old or a 1 year old, and both girls found the toy incredibly frustrating.  It's just awful, and led to tears all round.  How they got the boy in the advert to do it right is beyond me!!

I did wonder if it wasn't working easily because it was new, and that maybe it would wear in and become easier over time, but that isn't the case.  To be honest, the thing just made us all terribly cross and has sat in the corner gathering dust.

As I said at the outset above, a negative review is really not what I want to give you, and perhaps others would fare better with this toy than we have, but in all honesty I would say don't bother.  It was a total nightmare for the girls to use.

However, I am sure you will find lots of other fabulous toddler toys over on The Entertainer website!

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  1. This toy certainly looks like it would encourage a toddler to walk.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Interesting yet sad review. As you say it looks good in the advert. I can understand that if it doesn't work as well as is shown, it would be rather disappointing.

    Rachel Craig


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