Thursday, 23 May 2013

Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets for Dads

Men just love them don't they?  Why count your coins when a jar will do it for you?  Why store your money in a wallet, when you can have your own home ATM?  Why have a normal clock when you can project the image of a clock onto the wall?

Indeed, why even create your own - ahem - bodily noises, when a little machine can do it for you?  And you just know the 6 foot tall 8 year old in your house is going to fall about at that one.  Ah men, what a weird lot, eh?!

But yes, daughters and wives everywhere, you can buy all these delights and more online at the gadget shop and in actual fact you can buy lots of other really cool stuff there too.  While the projection wall clock isn't everyone's cup of tea, I think the backwards one is rather fun, and who can resist the lure of pressing their hand or nose into one of these Pin Art things?!  Come on, admit it!

The Isaac's Apple 3D jigsaw puzzle is bound to keep him busy for hours, and no, of course he doesn't need any help!!  I quite like the look of this sand art gadget for myself to be honest with you, one of those intriguing things you could fiddle about with for ages to see what it made next, with all the appeal of a flat kaleidoscope.  I hope I'm not the only adult to still find kaleidoscopes fascinating...

But I think top of our must-buy list has to be this sparkly lava lamp for Lara, she has been hankering after one for ages, having been mesmerised by the movement and the shapes in one as a baby.

I'm sure a few silly bits for Steve may make it into my shopping basket too, although I am definitely drawing the line at the bodily function humour :-/

What would you buy your husband/dad for Father's Day?

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