Saturday, 11 May 2013

Great Gifts To Give Your Mum

When it comes to Mothers Day, birthdays or just to say ‘I love you’ receiving a thoughtful gift is always welcomed and very much appreciated by your Mum. We are all guilty of taking our parents for granted for one thing or another and it is lovely to just show a bit of thought and give them a gift that means something. Every Mum is of course different and it can be difficult buying presents for some people at times, however here is a list of a few brands which create great gifts that you could get for her, there is sure to be something here that would bring a smile to her face:


The Gorjuss range has a number of cute products from bags to notebooks to coasters and more. Each design goes by a different name and one of my favourites is called ‘The runaway’ which has one of the Gorjuss girls riding on the back of a unicorn. You can find a sweet ‘the runaway’ mug from the Internet Gift Store and even present it to your mum with a nice hot cup of tea and a biscuit!

Willow Tree

The Willow Tree figurines are well known and are a popular ornament due to their simple looks that fit into any room. There are also a wide range of designs that will help you express your feelings such as the ‘mother and daughter’ figurine. The sentiment behind the gift will be appreciated and proudly displayed on her mantelpiece no doubt.


The final brand I have chosen is Boofle, the cute dog that has been used across a wide range of gifts. The sweet mugs and cushions look adorable with the little dog featured alongside loving words. A great choice to give to your mum that she can always have with her is the Boofle mum keyring.

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  1. I love the Boofle, would make a nice stocking filler.


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