Friday, 10 May 2013

Let's Cook Fresh!

Being completely honest, how many days a week do you cook from scratch?  Totally fresh food made with your own hands, not just a quick salad to accompany a frozen pizza, as I realised we had done twice in the past ten days!  I also counted two meals out, one take away and one ready meal on our repertoire over the past fortnight, not great for people who believe they cook from scratch most nights!

But this coming week it will be fresh, from scratch every night - I promise.  We have signed the Tefal Fresh Week pledge, vowing to cook only fresh, unprocessed foods for the week of 13-19th May.

Tefal have designed their Fresh Week campaign to encourage us all to think about what we are putting into our bodies, especially in light of the recent horsemeat scandal.  Cooking fresh is also a way to ensure that we all get our minimum 5 a day of fruit and veg, which many nutritionists argue should be more like 8 a day plus.  If you aren't sure what constitutes a portion, check here.

Too many of us think cooking worth fresh ingredients is the difficult and/or time consuming option, but it really needn't take any longer than waiting for a take away, or hanging about waiting for a ready meal to ping.  And just think how much nicer and better for you your home-produced efforts are!

If you need inspiration on the recipe front, the Tefal Fresh Week campaign is being fronted by actress Day Ripley, whose own recipe books contain lots of great easy to cook, family-friendly dishes.  Or how about the latest Jamie Oliver tomes which prove you can rustle up a healthy, delicious family meal in just 30 or even 15 minutes!  Even if you don't manage to stick completely to his whistle-stop timings (with small people distractions, I know I don't!), you will still have a couple of delicious, healthy dishes of food ready in hardly any time.  There are also some fab recipes on the Tefal Pinterest page, and lots using the Fresh Express on the Tefal website.

Appliances like the fabulous Tefal Fresh Express which chops, slices and dices for you make prep nice and easy, especially those laborious dull jobs like grating.  And if you sign the Fresh Week Pledge you have the chance to win one, along with a yummy fruiut and vegetable box from organic supplier Riverford!  Not to mention inspiring ideas and encouragement for your week of fresh, cooked from scratch meals.  Sign up today!

I'll be letting you in our meal plan on Monday, and also reviewing our super smart Fresh Express Max soon,plus sharing any fab new recipes we come up with, so look out for those posts.  Uh n the meantime, make sure you design the pledge too - it's just one week, you can do it!  Plus you might even win!

Good luck, I'd love to hear how you get join with the Fresh Week challenge.


  1. Great post, I hardly ever cook from scratch (hangs head in shame). I'm hoping the pledge will help me cooking better, quicker and healthier

  2. I've been wanting one of these for ages. So I'm going to save my Sainsburys points up and treat myself. I want to get back into trying new recipes and experimenting. This would give me more incentive and save me time. Just had a quick glance at their website, which looks interesting for recipes


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