Friday, 3 May 2013

Packing with Kids & Choosing a Holiday Stroller

Have you booked your holiday yet?  We're already way too excited about ours, firstly our Butlins Ambassadors trip in June, and then Devon in August.  I remember my mum's mantra whenever I was heading out the door on my next travelling adventure - "contact lenses, inhalers, passport, money - you can buy everything else".  Of course, I didn't travel quite as lightly as that, but what she meant was that I could buy anything else I'd forgotten, as long as I had those 4 essentials.

Of course, travelling with children is far more complicated, and we haven't even thought about braving the abroad thing yet with small people.  Going to Lancashire last summer, we were absolutely full to the rafters, I'm surprised the poor car made it!  Thankfully, being a bit older this year, Sophia doesn't require quite so much stuff, or at least not so many big bits anyway.  Although once number three arrives, I think our future travels will involving me driving something that looks like this:

A friend who had her baby not so long ago was seeking my advice on such things the other day, including finding a lighter but still safe and comfy stroller for her bub who is just a couple of months old.  Now I didn't have much advice on the packing front - we are certainly not the example to follow!!  But strollers I can do and after a bit of web research, we decided on the Britax Lightweight Strollers & Pushchairs.

I remember with Lara that finding a comfortable from birth stroller that I was happy for her to ride in proved nigh on impossible, and we stuck with our travel system for quite some time.  Luckily she was/is rather small for her age so this wasn't a problem, and by the time we needed something lighter, a 6 months+ umbrella fold was fine.  Thankfully for Sarah, lots of companies have woken up to this and it was great to see something as stylish as the Britax Affinity, a safe ride for babies from birth to 4 years, as much at home in the city as the countryside.  Looks like my friend and her baby are all set for their holiday now.  Great colour too!

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