Friday, 3 May 2013

Quirky Gifts for Father's Day

With Father's Day now on the horizon (16th June in case you're worrying!), our thoughts are turning to what to get the big man, especially as we celebrate his Name Day at the end of June too (postponed from the official day of 26th December for obvious reasons).  Plus I have best friend's birthday (male) coming up on 10th May.  It's that eternal question - just what do we buy the men in our lives?!  Somehow husbands, dads and brothers are so much more difficult to buy for than female relatives and friends.  Why is that?

Bond in Motion - boys' toys in a big way!
Thankfully for me, with two occasions to plan for, Steve isn't too difficult to buy for or surprise.  I know the Paul Hollywood Bread book would go down very well, and I'm planning a trip to the Bond In Motion exhibition at Beaulieu's National Motor Museum as a surprise, and Lara spotted some Avengers boxer shorts in the Disney Store the other day that he will love.  Superheroes and cars, they're just big boys really, aren't they?!

But considering the rest of us in the house get lots of little individually wrapped packages (all female natch), we do feel obliged to get Steve a few more bits and bob too.  So I was delighted to stumble across quirky gift site Thumbs Up! which has little gems like this robot keyring and retro '80s style Newton's Cradle.  Only the other day Steve was reminiscing about his dad having one of these cool (at the time!) desk toys, so I know he will be very pleased with that, and the girls will have great fun with it too!

Rather more practically, well ish!, is this wine aerater, for when he just can't bear to wait 10 minutes for it to breathe!  And the cat bowl cereal bowl will amuse me no end, even if it doesn't make him chuckle daily!!

So I think that's Steve's Father's day wrapped up, oh they don't wrap?  I think the girls and I can manage that, with all the present buying taken care of this early!  For all these cool choices and lots, lots more, just click to visit  You'll find great gifts for all the men in your life, as well as the women and home.  A great one stop shop for unusual ideas!

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