Saturday, 18 May 2013

Review: ChillFactor

Who doesn't recall childhood Slush Puppies with fondness?  And what about that old boxed favourite, Mr Freeze?  Well now you can recreate the whole slushy experience at home, with just one piece of kit and minimum fuss - enter ChillFactor, a new concept in home drink making from Character.

The ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy maker makes frozen drinks - even cocktails! - in a matter of moments, and is the perfect way to make cooling drink for the kids - and yourself - this summer.  You just pop the squeezable cup into the freezer so it is always ready to go, pour in your favourite drink, squeeze away, and lo and behold the perfect cooling slushy drink is yours.

With no mess and no fuss guaranteed, the children can have fun making their own slushy drinks, and keep cool and hydrated at the same time - genius!  Priced at just £12.99, this is the drinks cup everyone will be wanting this summer.

We have been having great fun trying ours out, slushying up everything from milkshake to fruit juice, even plain old water.  The girls love it!  And the whole no ice, no fancy equipment, no blender, just squeeze and drink approach means no washing up and no mess to clean up, so I'm loving it too!

Now I just have to knock up some mocktails to go in it...


  1. Cannot be slush puppies :-) 80'a kid. This looks great though and a reasonable price will getting one of these. Thanks

  2. Pam Francis Gregory15 November 2014 at 10:59

    Great review - Thanks

  3. I used to love slushies as a kid.


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