Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review: Contigo Kids Drinks Bottles

Both of our girls drink vast quantities of water during the day, and thankfully don't show much interest in any other drinks, apart from occasionally fresh juice.  They were only ever offered water really, so that's probably why they don't know anything else.  The only problem with this is that it tends to be left lying around in various cups and glasses, and we have a lot of mini water puddles on the floors.

We were recently sent a couple of drinks bottles from Contigo to review.  I must admit, I hadn't heard of the company before, but they are specialists in spill and leak proof travel mugs, water bottles and kids cups, and offer an array of patented innovations to ensure the liquid stays where it should be and not all over your floor/sofa/car/buggy (delete as appropriate!)

The first of the 'cups' we have is the Autospout Kids Striker Water Bottle, which has a pop up, patent pending Autospout, designed to prevent spills and leaks even when in the open position.  Closed it can be knocked over, tossed around and spend an hour upside down in your handbag (recent experience), and not spill a drop.  It somehow seems to keep the water cold too, maybe because the body of the bottle is quite thick.

The second cup is the Autoseal Kids Runabout Cup, which has a special Autoseal button to press to open up the spout, enabling you to drink one-handed, and ensuring that the liquid stays firmly in place when the spout is closed.  It would be near impossible to depress the button accidentally, so again there is no danger of accidental spillage or leakage.

The only thing I would say about the Autoseal cup is that it takes a little getting used to, as you are literally pouring the drink into your mouth, which Lara can't manage very well.  She tends to splutter and cough with that one, but may get used to it more when she is a little older.  Both cups are suitable from 3 years up.

However, Lara is utterly devoted to her Autospout bottle and takes it everywhere with her.  She is really impressed with the button which releases the spout and loves to show it off to all and sundry!  Sophia also has a sneaky go when Lara is out of sight!  The bottle is a HUGE hit, and in constant use,as you can see from the one girl and her bottle photos below!

Contigo products are available via the website and via Amazon.

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory16 November 2014 at 08:49

    What a great little gadget


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