Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sleeping Woes and Bad Backs

One of the more annoying aspects of pregnancy is how it impacts on your sleep, almost from the very start.  Some say this is all part of dear old Mother Nature's infinite plan, a neat way to get mums ready for the restless nights to come when baby arrives, but personally I could do without it!

Having a rather dodgy back and a wonky shoulder as the result of a work accident a number of years ago, bedtime comfort is often elusive anyway, and even more so when I'm pregnant, not to mention sharing my bed space with eight other bodies, three human and five feline!  I often wake up at odd times of the night with a pain in neck/shoulder/back and have to extricate myself from whatever odd position I'm in, trapped by  at least one small person and one or more cats, hopefully without waking everyone else up.  A bit tricky!

We recently stayed with my aunt and had the most fabulous night's sleep.  At breakfast I wondered why, was it just the absence of our five fur balls?  Maybe, but then that still didn't explain how comfortable the bed was.  Further investigation and discussion revealed the presence of an extra slightly squidgy layer on the top of the mattress, a Memory Foam Topper from Zleeps.  Aha!

I had heard of and seen memory foam mattresses before, but didn't realise you could buy a thinner mattress topper to go on top of your existing bed, a revelation.  The mattress topper moulds to your body shape and helps eliminate the pressure points on a regular mattress which lead to aches and pains.  I had previously thought memory foam was just for older people (sorry!), but the good night's sleep I had, not to mention a relaxed and non-sore back have completely changed my mind.  Highly recommended!

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