Friday, 17 May 2013

Summer Holidays The Whole Family Will Enjoy

As we draw closer to summer (finally!), there’s the same old dilemma: “Where do we go for a holiday?” Whether you’re a new mum or have a tribe of your own, trying to find something everyone will like is never an easy task.

What’s more, the perfect family holiday can take on various different forms from educational Egypt to picturesque Portugal. Whichever way you decide to treat your family this year, check out these great deals so that you can kick back and relax while the kiddies burn up all that summer energy.

Florida, USA

Two words: Disney World. Kids of all ages (including the big ones) will enjoy a fairytale Florida vacation. Just in case you need a few figures: 35 resorts and hotels, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and 5 other attractions means there’s more than enough to keep the whole family occupied. While it’s a paradise for kids, Mum and Dad can also enjoy a hassle-free holiday – Disney World makes you dreams come true, organising everything from tickets to transfers. Plus, you’ve got a good excuse to go on Splash Mountain over and over again.

Sydney, Australia

It’s a long flight, but it’s definitely worth it. Heading Down Under is an experience your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. While our summer equals their winter, you’re not in England anymore. Australia’s winters are mild and mainly tourist-free so you’ll be able to see the Opera House, walk along Bondi Beach and cuddle a koala without lining up for hours – a headache no matter what age.

Cairo, Egypt

For older kids, try treating them to the ancient wonders of Egypt. Seeped with history, an Egyptian getaway is both educational and fascinating. They’ll love riding camels across the desert, while you can marvel at mind-blowing pyramids and Sphinx. There are bazaars to explore, mummies to discover and the Nile to cruise down. A week in Cairo will open you and your family’s eyes to a completely different culture, leaving you all with an appreciation of the world.

Algarve, Portugal

If sun and sand are on your list, look no further than Portugal. The beaches are extremely safe – Lagos boasts crystal clear water suitable for all swimming levels. Babies can go paddling while teenagers take time out with the array of water sports. And don’t worry; the beaches are strictly patrolled through the summer months. After a day in the sun, kick back in a beachfront restaurant and enjoy some delicious fresh seafood.

Loire Valley, France

Just over the Channel, drive straight past Paris and down to the picturesque Loire Valley. Visit the castles and chateaux to brush up on your French history (and learn a few things along the way), or stock up on some of the best wines in Europe to be enjoyed when the kids are asleep! The sunflower fields are also in full bloom, giving you the opportunity to capture lots of fun family memories.

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