Friday, 10 May 2013

What Do You Love About Your Body?

That was the question being asked, and (usually hesitantly) answered in the Beauty section at the Boots Summer event we went to recently.  Boots are very proud that they don't airbrush or retouch any of the photos used in their advertising or magazines, just real women, with real bodies and real faces.  Admittedly, they haven't chosen Susan Boyle or Ann Widecombe as 'the face of Boots', far from it, but a laudable effort all the same.

When photo editing goes wrong -
Victoria's Secret model with no ribs!

Every so often we are shocked (well supposedly anyway, if you believe the tabloids!) that such and such celebrity or model has been 'adjusted' for our apparent delectation and delight.  There have even been the laughable instances of completely over-zealous photo editing when peculiar body shapes are presented as normal, half an ass missing or over-elongated legs, you know the kind of thing.  Not to mention the apparently blemish-free skin of all the mighty ones, here are some with and withouts of Jessica Simpson aand Kate Winslet to make you feel better!*

I don't really do the celebrity thing myself, I use to be interested but realised a long while ago that I had far more interesting things to fill my head with, although of course Gogol, Dostoevskii and Pushkin may not float everyone's boat as 'celebs' go!!  I'm amazed though at how much other mums worry about not snapping back into shape post-baby a la (insert celeb of the moment here).  Yes, I'd like to lose a few pounds in an ideal world I guess, but quite frankly life and nice food are far more interesting than worrying about such things.

I would rather focus on what I love about my body, and unsurprisingly that is that it has made, carried, given birth to and fed two beautiful, healthy children and is, insh'Allah, doing the same for a third.  I also love my big blue eyes and naturally wavy thick hair, which I thank my northern Italian ancestors for often, and which both my daughters have thankfully inherited (strong genes!)  I am also now grateful to them for the oily skin which was a curse of my adolescence but is now 'combination' and fairly line-free at 41.  Long may it continue!  Of course, on a bad day, especially during a Black Dog episode, I would willingly give you a list of what I don't like too, but that's not the point of this exercise!

Of course, life isn't always that easy and there are many often deeply compelling and necessary reasons for people to seek corrective procedures on areas of their body.  I have good friends and acquaintances who have had breast augmentations and also reductions; sought help for distressing facial issues; had liposuction and even cosmetic gynaecological reconstructions.  All report a huge boost in confidence and for several this has put paid to psychological distress which had plagued them for years, so if this is the case for you or someone you know, consulting a reputable company like - cosmetic surgery in the UK may well be the best thing you ever did.

Just make sure that you are thinking about it because it will benefit you though, not to live up to some fake celebrity ideal!  And even whilst planning for any procedures, consider what you DO love about your body too.  The sooner we all start to love our bodies, for whatever aspect and whatever reason, the better!

*I have to admit to not having a clue who Jessica Simpson is, but my friend assures me she is very famous!!

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