Friday, 31 May 2013

40th Birthday Gifts - Any Ideas?!

Reader dear, I need your help!  I have two dear friends (both female) with 40th birthdays coming up, and I haven't a clue what to give them to mark the occasion.  Any ideas??  What do you treasure from your 30th/40th?  What have you bought for others?  The first birthday is at the end of this month, so I need some ideas fast!!  So far none of my ideas have gone the distance for various reasons, what do you think of these:

Idea 1: A significantly-named rose or other plant

Friend 1 is moving soon, so probably could do without the hassles of having to dig things up and take them with her because they are meaningful.  Friend 2 has busy small people and a garden more devoted to pet rabbit and football than prize specimens, and also hopes to move soon!

Idea 2: Nice vase or other objet

A bit same old, same old potentially, plus like most of us I'm sure they have masses already.  But maybe something particularly lovely is still a possibility...

Idea 3: Jewellery

I saw a few nice things on the H.Samuel website for friend 1, but wonder if like me she has way more jewellery than she ever wears.  Friend 2 is more into chunky, quirky stuff so I may have to check out the independent shops in somewhere fun like Brighton for ideas.

Idea 4: A bouquet

Who doesn't love receiving flowers, but then shouldn't the gift be something you can keep and look back on, are flowers too 'disposable'?

Idea 5: An experience

I know both would love to go on a spa day or something like that, but not sure my budget can stretch to that!  Maybe I should look into that one further, or even just a really nice lunch somewhere.

Idea 6: A personalised picture or canvas

You know, one of those with words about how wonderful they are, their life etc, maybe something like that?  Or a photo of a place significant to them.  Oh gosh, I'm stumped!

Idea 7: A first edition of a book they love

But then how do I make sure it's the right book, without giving the game away.  AAARRGH, dilemmas!!

So you see my problem, what to do?!  All advice - and ideas - much appreciated!!!

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