Friday, 28 June 2013

Our Big Night In

We have been challenged by to see what fun ideas we can come up with for 'big night in' on a budget of £50.  Pre-children, a big night in would probably have revolved around cocktails, or maybe a dinner party.  But coming up with original ideas for a big night in with the children had Steve and I slightly stumped.  So we turned the task over to Lara...

A constant source of surprise, the 3 year old had some very definite ideas on what she wanted to include in our big night in.  First of all, undivided attention from Mummy and Daddy, with as much story telling, game playing and general chit chat as possible.  And secondly, lots of pizza with all the trimmings and some lovely films to watch.

Lara's current favourite thing is her Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls, and we have lots of requests to make up stories about them, so that was our first task.  Steve and I took it in turns to have various of the characters - luckily we have kept the boxes they came in to remember all the names! - travelling, playing, cooking, dancing and gambolling through the world.  We even bought a new Lalaloopsy to add to the collection - "I love her, I just love her so much!" said the small.

The next request was to play lots of games, so our ever-burgeoning collection was raided - Connect 4, original Elefun, Elefun Snackin' Safari and the beloved ELC Popping Aliens game all came out, and had repeated plays.  Sophia can just about join in with games now, which please Lara no end.  We also splashed some of the budget on a new game - Hungry Hippos, a long-awaited addition to our collection.  Cue much more excitement from the littlies!

Lara's final requirement for the Big Night In was a 'pizza mountain' and a family film night.  We duly ordered quite a mountain from Domino's, which we all tucked into snuggled up on the sofa with a coupe of DVDs playing.  We decided to choose one classic - Lady and the Tramp; and one new classic - Despicable Me.  Lara has been after the latter for ages after seeing a bit of it at IKEA of all places!


Yummy pizza, good films, family snuggles - what's not to love!  Two very happy little girls had a fantastic 'Big Night In', thank you MoneySupermarket!

Not pizza, but Italian enough ;-)

In total our Big Night In challenge came to £55.99, so a little over budget, but the best part is everything bar the pizza is now the girls' to keep and watch/play with in the future, so all in all a very good Big Night In!

Mini Lalaloopsy Doll   £5.99
Hungry Hippos Game  £9.99
Pizza delivery           £25.02
2 DVDs                   £14.99

What would you spend your £50 Big Night In budget on?

You can find more details of the MoneySupermarket Big Night In Challenge here.

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