Monday, 3 June 2013

Review: Boots Soltan Kids Range

With all the talk of a long hot summer, temperatures are set to soar even higher and the sun will definitely have its hat on!  Boots are determined to help you get out there and have fun in the sun this summer, and where better to start than with their trusted Soltan 5* UVA protection?

Even when there are clouds in the sky it is important to protect your skin.  Clare O’Connor, Boots Suncare Expert, advises:

"Whilst it may not seem as hot on a day with some clouds in the sky, UV rays are getting through the clouds and you can still get sunburnt even though it feels cool! Levels of UV reaching the earth are at their highest at this time of year in the UK, particularly UVA rays which cause long term skin damage and ageing, so we should take care to protect our skin from the sun using a high SPF with 5* UVA rating even when it's a cloudy day."

Whether you're staying in the UK this summer or heading overseas; by the sea or in the back garden, Soltan has the perefct product for the whole family.

We have been trying out the new Boots Soltan Once Kids 3 Hour Waterplay Spray which is available in SPF 30 or SPF 50, and retails at £16.99 for 200ml.  It provides up to three hours of water resistant protection and up to six hours sun protection, so is ideal for hopping in and out of the swimming pool or paddling pool.

So easy to apply, with no sticky residue, and really does do what it says on the tin.  This has been a godsend when playing outside in water, meaning we know the girls' skin is safe in the sun.

One of the biggest summer complaints for children - and adults - must be sand sticking to your sun cream, just yucky!  With the fantastic new Soltan Kids Sensitive Lotion
, also available as SPF 30 or SPF 50+ and retailing at £11.99 for 200ml, the sand doesn't stick!  Its ultra light, hypoallergenic formula also reduces the risk of skin allergies and has been approved by dermatologists.   Yep, no sandy skin induced tantrums as the kids build their first sandcastle of the season!

This product is fantastic!!!  We have spent many happy hours on the beach with no-one complaining about yucky sand stickiness and it is effective and easy to apply too.  A win-win with this one, well done Boots!

And finally, maybe not one that's too essential for the UK, but a must-buy if you are off abroad, is Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion with Insect Repellent.  This fantastic product is available as an SPF 8, SPF 15, SPF 30 or SPF 50 product and uniquely includes an odourless insect repellant.  Such a brilliant idea!  No need to let the bugs get in the way of your sunbathing, lunching or barbecuing now!

Clare O’Connor, Boots Suncare Expert, explains the thinking behind these great new products:

“We all want to get out there this summer and enjoy those fun summer experiences and it’s important the family is safe in the sun. Our exciting new products mean parents can rest assured their children have uncompromised protection with Soltan’s 5* UVA protection, and be safe themselves too.”

Soltan products are formulated with a range of SPFs to help protect you from long term sun damage and burning whilst feeling your radiant best and in the mood for longer, sunnier days. Visit: Boots/soltan for further information.

At the time of writing, many Soltan products are being offered at half price.  Head over to for more information, and to buy.

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