Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Choosing Accessories for the Bedroom

We have finally - I think! - got the sitting room slash playroom finished, with one end of our huge sitting room set up for relaxing, and the other end for playing.  Of course, it doesn't necessarily stay that way during the day, with toys creeping on to the sofa, coffee table, floor and any other available surface during the day, only to be tidied away again every evening (or afternoon when I've got fed up with breaking my neck every five minutes!!)  But the theory is space to sit, read, craft etc and space to play.

So with that all sorted out, we now need to turn our attention to the bedroom, which currently has a large pile of assorted belongings in one corner, and the home for poor Sophia's clothes is a suitcase!  Of course, she doesn't yet care about such things, but it is a pain rifling through the case every morning to find some form of appropriate outfit, I can tell you!

What we need is a multi-drawer chest like this rather stylish one from Homebase who have a great range of childrens furniture.  That way we could fit all of Sophia's little clothes away neatly, and I'd be able to find whole outfits easily - that's the theory anyway!!  In fact, we might order two so that we have another chest of drawers ready for when the next bub arrives.  I really don't fancy going through the suitcase scenario again!!

However, I suspect any visit en famille to Homebase to check that chest of drawers is the one for us will result in us coming away with some other Lara 'must-haves', such as this rather cool Peppa Pig mini sofa.

Although we use Homebase often for the practical stuff, I haven't really looked round their furniture much before and I have been really impressed with what I've seen on the website.  I think I'll have to recommend their cots & nursery furniture to a friend who is getting her nursery ready for an imminent arrival.  So many gorgeous furniture pieces and cute accessories, from Bambi wall art to Mickey Mouse Sailor accessories which would make a nice alternative to the usual options for a boy's room.  Well worth a look!

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