Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is This News?!

Today's international news: Woman has baby; grandparents visit.

Many observers and non-entities pontificate and trot out a succession of banalities regarding baby and parents. Talking heads comment authoritatively on lives and opinions of people they do not know.

Long drawn out discussion on gender and delivery date of baby is replaced by long drawn out discussion on name of baby.

Oh and by the way there's civil war in Syria; near to it in Egypt; children are starving to death worldwide; and all sorts of other catastrophes.

Which story gets the most interest?

And how much do we bet the bastard Tories will squeeze through another 'attack the poor' policy while the media aren't looking?

Seriously ashamed of the media and much of the country today.

Yes, some rich people had a baby, could be king one day, mention it but that's all we need surely?!


  1. Agree with you. I wish them all the best as any young parents who are delighted with their new arrival, but I do not believe in the institution of monarchy.
    Too many nonentities being interviewed to get their few seconds of fame on TV.

  2. You just summed up exactly how I feel and how I angry I have been throughout this whole debacle. I wish I could have put it into words like that, it's frustrating when I know what I'm angry about but can't articulate it properly.


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