Friday, 19 July 2013

What's Your Man's Summer Wardrobe Like?

The husband in holiday mode
Unless we holiday abroad a lot, there really isn't that much call on summer clothes for us Brits.  Yet we women still optimistically top the wardrobe up each year, a new set of swimwear here, a few vests there, a maxi dress or two...  In the end we have far more summer gear than we actually get the opportunity to wear most years, although of course 2013 is seeing the airing of the complete summer wardrobe - hooray!!

But what about the men?  In the main they are hardly renowned for their shopping interests and, if the majority of men out there are anything like Steve and my male friends and acquaintances, they wear largely the same clothes whatever the season!  A total of maybe 10 pairs of trousers & jeans; paired with t-shirts, sleeve length dependent on the season; the odd cotton shirt; and fleeces, sweatshirts and jumpers as required.  All in all a fairly limited collection which is revolved with impressive regularity, and has been resident in the wardrobe for a fairly long time.

It must be the weather, but even my husband has been heard lamenting his lack of new summer togs.  Happy to be able to break out his holiday linen, he has realised the lack of appropriate wear in the rest of his wardrobe, so here is Steve's summer wish list!

Top of the list are some new Hugo Boss swim shorts and new day shorts:

Swiftly followed by a couple of funky new t-shirts and an addition to the linen collection:

I must admit I'm very impressed with, and rather surprised by, the colour choices!  Just goes to show what a good dose of sun will do to a man ;-)

But unsurprisingly the husband came into his own when confronting the accessories collections, with aviators, smellies, and a bag to put it all in quickly making the wish list.  Not to mention a very gorgeous new watch.  At least it gives me some great gift ideas for his birthday next month!

What's your man's summer wardrobe like?

All items are available from John Lewis.


  1. My husband would love those tshirts, I'm lucky he tends to be good at choosing nice clothes for himself, my brother in law on the other hand never shops for himself at all!


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