Book Review: This Royal Baby by Zita Newcome

This lovely chunky pull the tab book of baby faces has become an instant hit in our house!  Featuring 11 cute round baby faces, with tabs to pull and turn, with simple rhyming text, it has become the first 'go to' book of the morning for both Lara and Sophia.

On the front cover, the crown-wearing baby and his/her teddy both close their eyes to go to sleep, and inside there are sad, cheeky, hungry and happy babies who close their eyes, wiggle their ears, stick out their tongue, and blow bubbles.  But in the end of course, all babies just want a Mummy-cuddle!

With bold, appealing illustrations and simple, sturdy mechanisms on every page, this is an ideal way to introduce all babies -- royal or otherwise! -- to first expressions and feelings.  Lara loves to recite the rhyming words to her little sister too - frown/crown; wiggle/giggle; laugh/bath; eyes/cries; tummy/mummy.

Both girls love the book, and I am quite happy for them to read it on their own, as it very robust.  Great fun!

Just released by Campbell Books, an imprint of Macmillan, this delightful book is widely available, RRP £9.99.

Recommended from 6 months up.


  1. This looks like a lovely book, maybe one to get my children for Christmas. Thanks for the review x


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