Boost Your Clothing Confidence

Worried about what to wear? Can’t seem to find the right colours, styles or prices? It’s easier to boost your confidence in the clothes you wear than you think. Simply by taking a couple of steps backwards, highlighting your best features and making great choices, you can transform the way you feel about the clothes in your wardrobe.

Before you start, have a think about what it is that reduces your confidence. Is it your shape? Is it that your clothes are uncomfortable to wear? Is it that you really don’t like shopping, so end up buying the first thing you see? These are all common problems, so let’s look at them one at a time to see if we can help.

Even top models have to dress for the shape they have. It’s all about proportion, so it’s worth taking some key measurements, looking at the general body shape you have any finding out what works best for you. There is lots of information online about the best styles for pear-shaped bodies, apple-shaped and straight bodies, so take a dispassionate look at yourself and decide which category you fall into. Simple things like changing the length of skirts you wear, paying attention to whether precise tailoring works for you and using layers instead of clean lines can all make an immediate difference to the way you look.

It’s not nice to be uncomfortable in your clothes. Particularly when you’re working, it makes all the difference to be comfortable and adds to your self-confidence. You might be uncomfortable because you’re squeezing into sizes that don’t do you justice, or it could be that you’re choosing man-made fabrics instead of natural ones, which can irritate your skin. Sizing varies from one store to another, Cotton Traders offers a variety of sizes for both men and women so you can find the perfect fit and just go up a size if you need to. You can always cut the label out later, and what matters most is that you’re comfortable. Look for cotton and natural fibres where you can, which will add to a greater sense of comfort.

A dislike of shopping is common amongst men and women. Rather than spending hours wandering in and out of shops, why not shop online? You can browse at your convenience, compare styles without walking miles and buy online securely with a few clicks. What’s more, online stores such as Cotton Traders have great return and exchange policies so you can try on in the privacy of your own home, giving you greater confidence before you even step outside the door.


  1. online shopping is fun, especially when company offers free return :-)


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