Duracell Bunny, Please Help!

Have you seen that TV advert about 'rollaphobia'?  There are apparently discarded loo roll tubes languishing unattended and undealt with in our loos and bathrooms across the nation!  Well, we have another, far worse, condition in our house - 'dead batteryaphobia'!

The batteries themselves lie discarded in a dish in the kitchen until Steve makes one of his regular pilgrimages to the recycling centre, but there is a veritable mountain of toys awaiting new batteries, and it is GROWING ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

We try to steer away from too much technology, but even then an awful lot of their toys seem to require batteries of some description or another.  Not to mention the adult requirements like torches, remote controls, clocks, calculator, kitty laser toy etc etc - not to mention my cute little palm-sized PacMan game, an '80s survivor still going strong!  We get through mountains of them!!  Here's the current replacement battery collection waiting in the kitchen:

And so many of those things seem to need those little flat watch-type batteries, which are ridiculously expensive at the supermarket or local shops, even pricier than regular batteries which cost more than enough!  To be perfectly honest, I don't understand why batteries cost what they do, surely something mass-produced and relatively easy to make should be cheaper than this?!

After a recent battery-buying trip which costs us an arm and a leg, we were determined to do better!  I discovered that you can actually buy your batteries direct from Duracell, which was a little cheaper, and there were some well-priced deals to be had online at Amazon.  But even better still, while searching Google I found this site and couldn't believe how fantastic their battery prices were!  Basically I could buy all the batteries we needed for a fraction of the price charged at our local shops, even the big supermarkets with their supposed economies of scale.  They even had quite a funny blog for a battery shop!  (We bloggers like to check these things out!)

If you're suffering from 'dead batteryaphobia' and have a growing 'in need of new life' pile, I recommend you take a look at Battery Station.


  1. I have a few dozen empty loo rolls in the airing cupboard, keep meaning to do some crafts with my little man. :)

  2. I understand this situation very well. This is why I like to get my kids Teddy Bears and Lego.


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