Friday, 9 August 2013

Playmobil Launch First Ever UK Magazine

We are absolutely thrilled to be Playmobil Playologists this year, and will be telling you all about the exciting new Playmobil goodies that are available, and also bringing you our reviews.  Steve and I were (are!) both huge Playmobil fans as children, and the girls have inherited some bits of our old collections, to which they have rapidly added their own.

Getting the Playmobil box is one of Lara's most frequent requests, and she spends hours playing with it.  Her current favourite set is the swimming pool, with real water in it for everyone to splash about in of course!  And top of her already-started Christmas wish list is the wonderful Grand Hotel.  But I must tell you the exciting news that Playmobil have just launched their first ever magazine in the UK!

Featuring all the much-loved Playmobil characters and themes, the magazine is intended to help make learning fun, transporting little ones into a world of creative play and letting their imaginations run wild.

Packed full of stories and activities, each issue also comes with an exclusive, collectable character to add to any burgeoning Playmobil collection.  Each issue is themed around a specific playset, with the first issue focusing on the ever-popular Pirates range.

Lara leapt upon the magazine as soon as it dropped through the letterbox, and is delighted with the activities, stories, and the poster-size pictures.  Of course the fab pirate figure has quickly been added to her growing collection of Playmobil too!

The magazine has already been highly popular across Europe, with German, French and Greek editions proving a big hit with the under 10s. Jamie Dickinson, Marketing Manager for Playmobil commented:

"We are thrilled that Playmobil Magazine  has arrived in the UK, to make learning to read fun and imaginative for children.  Playmobil’s ethos is very much that little ones learn most effectively by being able to use their active imaginations and playing creatively. We hope that children will look forward to their monthly combination of stories and activities, and of course playing with the exclusive Playmobil figure with each issue.”

Playmobil Magazine retails at £3.99 and is now available from all major and independent newsagents and supermarkets.

The Pirates issue is out now, and the next issue themed around Police is on sale from 5th September.


  1. This is a great news!
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Oh this is very exciting. Looks a fantastic mag. Note in my calendar now to buy this.

  3. That's brilliant - I shall certainly order that from my newsagent!

  4. Looks fab, my son loves playmobile x


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