Review: E45 Intense Recovery and Nourish & Restore Lotions

The E45 range has been quietly expanding over the years, to now include a range of body lotions for all skin types.  We have been trying out the Intense Recovery and Nourish & Restore varieties this week, and love both of them!

The E45 Nourish and Restore Lotion has been enriched with natural oils and Vitamin B3, making it a fantastic gentle skin care product for mature skin.  With a unique Constant Moisture Build™ formula enriched with naturally derived lipid and glycerine that work with your skin to replenish lost hydration and then build and maintain it throughout the day, it nourishes and helps restore supple, softer and noticeably glowing skin in just three weeks.

When I read this I thought woohoo, just what I've been looking for!  I don't know about you, but my skin ends up drier in summer than winter sometimes, probably because in winter-time I feel more inclined to stay in the bathroom and moisturise whilst in the summer it seems a step too far, particularly when it's really hot.  As a result my arms and legs are feeling distinctly dehydrated at the moment, so a product which would build and maintain on its effects sounded great.

After just one application my skin had lost its tightness and dehydrated appearance, and was well on the road to recovery.  Lightweight and quickly absorbed, this non-greasy, hypoallergenic lotion absorbs rapidly, leaving a delightful light floral proper body lotion type fragrance.  Perfect even on sensitive skin, this lotion is designed for normal to dry skin.

By contrast, the E45 Intense Recovery Lotion is designed for very dry skin and has a gentle, perfume-free formulation, so great for men too.  Specially formulated to help support skin's natural moisture recovery, improve skin healthy look and restore long-lasting softness in just two weeks, the Intense Recovery Lotion is with intense moisturisers to soothe, protect and restore.

Strangely this one made my sometimes sensitive skin a bit itchy, although it too is formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin.  Steve gallantly took over the testing of this product - just as well it was the unperfumed one! - and found it really helped his very dry eczema-prone skin.  It especially made a good, frequent use intensely replenishing moisturiser for his oft-washed chef hands and forearms, helping to soothe the sometimes itchy dryness and smooth away any roughness.

We would both highly recommend our respective E45 lotions, esepcially as the large 400ml bottles retail at just £5.49 at  It's great to have a good value, effective body lotion you can liberally apply - this is going to be a must-have for winter!

E45 Lotions are widely available.


  1. Loving E45
    such a great product at affordable cost

  2. Great review thank you! I suffer from crohns disease in my small bowel so I don't absorb much nutrition and as a result, my skin and hair can become very dry. I usually buy E45 creams but have not yet used Intense Recovery Lotion - your review has persuaded me to give it a try so I'll let you know how I get on! Thanks again!


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