Review: Tefal Ingenio

As part of our role as Tefal Innovation Panelists, we have been sent their latest creation - the Ingenio.  These new pans truly are ingenious, moving from the hob to the oven, to the table, even into the fridge or freezer, without you ever having to decant your cooking from one pot to the other.  Well that is Ingenio!

The unique concept with the Ingenio range, and what makes them so versatile, is the removable handle which attaches and detaches with just one click.  Not only do they save space in your cupboard - who doesn't need that in modern houses?!  But they also make cooking, serving and storing food really versatile and easy.  Suitable for all heat sources, including induction hobs, it doesn't matter whether you're a gourmet cook, a busy mum or a beginner, these pans really can change the way you cook, store and serve your food.

The removable handle means that the pans easily fit inside one another for storage, and they take up less room in the dishwasher which has got to be a big bonus.  But best of all is the versatility of the non-stick coated pans themselves: they can be used for baking cakes; for starting a dish off on the hob then transferring it under the grill or into the oven; they look good enough to serve directly to the table (see above); and they can be used for storing the food in the fridge or freezer too.  To aid the latter you can buy a set of plastic lids to fit your pans.

The handle itself is very easy to attach/detach, clipping on easily and releasing when the button is firmly depressed.  The bakelite handle is guaranteed to lift up to 10kg in weight.  The handle is also guaranteed for 10 years, so you can be pretty sure it is going to do the job!  The non-stick coating is also guaranteed, and can be used with metal utensils (other than knives and whisks), which is a real bonus to us - I hate plastic utensils!

You can also purchase extra handles, should you think they will be necessary, and a great range of accessories is also available, including a grill insert, a steamer insert, a strainer lid and colander.  This really is going to be the go to set for anyone setting up home for the first time, or any cook wishing to revolutionize their kitchen equipment or labours.

Our pans have only just arrived so I haven't had much chance to try them out yet, but I have already recommended them to several people.  Yep, I am that impressed with them!


  1. I love Tefal and have loads of their stuff

  2. tefal do great products, i only have my trusted frying pan though :(

  3. These pans look really good.


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