Friday, 9 August 2013

Riverford's Big Worm Dig!!

How much thought do you give to worms on a daily basis?  I bet the answer is not much, or indeed none at all.  But every day these little critters are working away on our behalf, digging through the soil like mini tractors, helping air and water circulate better and making it a healthy, nutritious place for plants to grow.  They help to make the soil healthy for plants to grow well, and they even feed our wildlife, with birds, badgers, hedgehogs and even foxes feeding on them.

Despite their importance, relatively little is known about the British earthworm population, so the organic veg people Riverford have teamed up with the Natural History Museum to encourage us all to conduct a Big Worm Dig.  This useful survey should only take about 30 minutes, but it's easy, interesting and fun, and will provide vital information on the British earthworm population.  You could even win some fabulous prizes, just for uploading your results!

All you have to do is request your free Big Worm Dig pack which contains a 'how to' booklet, a magnifying glass and a packet of mustard powder (it helps encourage the worms to the surface!).  Then you just need to dig a small patch in your garden/park/woodland and count the worms you find.

Everyone can join in, and it's a great one to do with the kids over the school holidays.  Just head over to the website to order your free Big Worm Dig booklet, dig and observe, and then enter your results.  Simple!  And the more surveys the better, so ask everyone you know to get involved too.  Happy digging!

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