The Delights of Pregnancy!

I have a new theory:

tricky pregnancy = easy baby

easy pregnancy = tricky baby

What do you think?

With Lara I had pretty bad morning sickness right up to about 20 weeks, and she was such an easy delight of a baby, even though she took us on an incredible learning curve of a journey!  My second pregnancy was so easy that for most of the time I would actually forget I was pregnant, but Sophia was a rather more demanding bub...

This time round we have had horrible Hyperemesis which went on and on interminably, and now horrendous PGP which has meant I've had to stop driving and even find walking difficult some days.  As Steve doesn't drive, this means we have had to cancel the Devon holiday we should be on right now, and probably won't be able to do a great deal, except locally, until I'm better.  I'm hoping it will calm down soon, I really can't face another 3+ months of this pain!!  But if my theory holds, this will be the easiest baby ever!

Pregnancy is of course the most natural thing in the world, and we really don't believe in all the usual unnecessary medical observations, investigations and interventions, but it does come with a heck of a lot of potential 'side effects' etc!  With everything from nausea to rib pain, excess body hair to skin discolouration, coming under the spectrum of 'normal', we poor women don't stand a chance!!

Of course, most of these little niggles are temporary, although most people I know have a changed body shape and even shoe size irreversibly post-pregnancy.  One of the more irritating changes one of my friends was stuck with was an excess of body hair where very little had been before.  Having very pale skin and very dark hair, this really bugged her and so, rather than keep spending out vast quantities of cash on hair removal creams, razors etc, she decided to Google laser hair removal cost.

Well she had a very pleasant surprise at the costs involved I can tell you, and decided to book her treatments straight away.  I was surprised to hear how easy it all was, with cooling gel applied to the area to be treated, she felt nothing more than a mild tingling sensation as the laser did its work.  With treatment lasting only about half an hour at a time, and repeated every 4-6 months for a few months, she is now completely hair-free!

Luckily this isn't a complaint I have, but I am quite tempted to try it - just imagine never having to shave your legs again - bliss!  In the meantime, I'll wait for my lovely easy baby to be born...