Monday, 12 August 2013

What Would You Do With £20,000?

The National Lottery's Lotto game is changing on 5th October, giving players more chances to win more prizes.  Players will get £25 for matching 3 numbers in the draw (up from £10) and 4 numbers (from £60 to £100), and a new raffle guarantees at least 50 winners of £20,000 each draw!  So far more chances than ever before to win a decent amount, yippee!

To celebrate, The National Lottery have challenged BritMums bloggers to say how they would spend £20,000.  Well, what a nice amount that would be!  Not too much, not enough to go crazy with, but a nice amount to make a difference and do something nice with.  I'm in!

What do you mean, we don't actually get the £20K?!  Oh poop!

Well, I'll tell you what I'd spend it on anyway...

Top of the list would be one of these, a Ford Galaxy which various people have told me is the best of the bunch in people carrier terms.  With our expanding family, we are going to need one of these!

I'm sure I could very easily spend the whole amount on a newer model, but I am reliably informed that a decent one a few years old will set us back about £12,000, so that's not too bad.

The next thing on our list, very similar to everyone else's I'm sure, is a holiday.  But foregoing the delights of sandy beaches and sunshine, theme parks, and 'the norm', we would be straight on a plane here:

Yep, a big trip to Mother Russia!  Having lived there for a couple of years, and being a through and through Russophile, I miss my 'second home' so much!!!  And to take Steve there and show him all the beautiful sights, and introduce him to my old friends, would be just wonderful!  Not to mention introducing the girls to the Motherland, that would make me very happy indeed.  The babushkii would be fussing like mad over my blonde babies!

Ideally we would go in late May, when the weather is really quite balmy, and all the beautiful colours of the buildings are at their most beautiful.  Oh I so want to go now!  To do everything we would want to do comfortably, with trains, planes and automobiles, and three city stays, we'd be looking at at least £5,000.

That leaves us £3,000 in theory, so maybe a quick jaunt to Disneyland Paris would be achievable.  Lara is starting to get into all things Disney, and always watches the firework-lit TV adverts for trips to the Paris site in awe, so I'm sure we could indulge the girls with one of those.  I'm sure that would easily take care of £2,000!

As for the last £1,000 well I think we should be good and tuck half each into the girls' bank accounts.

What would you spend £20,000 on?

This post is an entry for BritMums #Spend20K Challenge sponsored by The National Lottery, with more ways to win more money on the new Lotto game. Find out more about new Lotto, which starts in October, here –


  1. for us car might be number 1 priority as well

    1. They are just so expensive though, aren't they?! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Now you have got me going as I have always wanted to visit Russia. Commenting for myself and BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

    1. You shoudl definitely go, it's an amazing, beautiful country. Thanks for commenting.

  3. it would be a deposit for a house for us

  4. Hmmm a 3 week holiday to disney world in Florida would be a start, a new car, a huge shopping spree, pay off some credit cards, and get married! X


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