Are Rugs the Finishing Touch?

The almost finished rejigging of our rooms, space and furniture is nearly complete, and we now have three big floor spaces for the girls to play in.  I can see us having a train track area, a dolly changing and feeding zone, and A N other, to be used as they see fit from day to day!  It is so nice finally feeling organised and being able to use the space in different ways.  The girls - and the cats - are loving it.

This has however got me thinking about the rather tired carpet - I told you this process was going to be never ending!  Even after a recent clean it ain't looking all that great, and after eight years of people and kitty traffic I suppose it can't be expected to really.  But rather than the whole upheaval of new carpet, I am wondering if rugs are the way forward...

Now I don't have the decor for this funky number, but I could just imagine it in one of those pristine nearly all white, minimalist houses, couldn't you?  I think we will be after something a little more prosaic, and of course it will have to be in a 'copes with muddy boots, mucky children and cat sick' colour (sorry for the TMI there!)  Butt I still hope to get away with a little bit of luxury, maybe this deep pile Whisper Rug, all soft and shaggy, would be nice?

Although I do find myself slightly tempted by this beautiful heathery shade too, surely I can get away with having that in the bedroom, and being on welly-watch the whole time?  What do you think?


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