Thursday, 26 September 2013

Autumn Already? Where's the Duvet?!

Right, that's it, time to get the thicker duvets out!  I can't believe how quickly Autumn has arrived, apart from a couple of warmer days we seem to have been in a downwards cold spiral since 1st September.  Brr!  I haven't given in and turned the heating on yet unlike most people I've heard of, but it can only be a matter of days.

Of course, the rediscovery of the thicker duvets inevitably leads to disappointment at the state of the bedding collection - I can't be the only one! - so I have been having a look round for new duvet covers.  To be honest, I find this a little confusing, some come with pillow cases, some expect you to buy them separately, and then there are all the different types - are we an Oxford or a Housewife family, there are even square and bolster varieties to consider.

Thank goodness for nice, straightforward ideas like the useful "Bed In A Bag" from TJ Hughes!  Just what you need to complete your required bedroom look: duvet cover, pillow cases and possibly a runner too.  Does what it says on the bag!  Love all their fun designs too, like this Agapanthus one - a reminder of summer will be good as the cold intensifies.

After deciding which duvet sets to go for, I was straight on the phone to my friend who has been on the hunt for an attractive and affordable range of Leather Beds for ages.  The ones on this site are brilliant, now she just has to decide which one to go for...

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