Autumn with a Newborn Girl: Things to Fill their Wardrobe With

It may be a difficult last few months if you’re having an autumn baby – carrying the extra weight around, combined with twangs and pains, when it’s hot outside can be unbearable – but autumn is a fabulous time for a baby to be welcomed to the world. While it’s leading up to Christmas, you will have a couple of months to get used to the new arrival before the festivities are in full swing, while the baby clothes that autumn has on offer are simply adorable. From baby dresses to fleece-lined onesies, it’ll be hard to restrain yourself in the baby section of George at ASDA.

Did you know that, according to some research completed in 2012 by the University of Chicago, babies born in the autumn are more likely to reach their 100th birthday? Wow! Owing mainly to the increased number of colds and sniffles they’re faced with, their immune system will build up at a young age, giving them the best immunity looking forward.

In the short term though, all you need to be concerned with is ensuring that your autumn babe is well looked after and loved beyond belief. Having a baby in the cooler months brings with it a couple of things that parents to summer babies wouldn’t have had to have been concerned with – making sure they’re warm enough, but not too hot, during the night-time, and wrapping them up against the milder weather to name just a couple.

So, what to buy? You will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with the goodies that friends and family will buy for the new arrival before or after their birth, but most parents will find it difficult to refrain from buying things themselves. Many people will opt to buy special outfits and babygros, so if you do decide to head for the rails, think before you spend.

Baby Dresses

There are plenty of baby dresses at George to choose from that it will be difficult to say no to. The adorable Carousel Print Dress for £10 would be a perfect choice for a special day – perhaps your baby will be meeting grandparents for the first time, or taking her first trip to see family that don’t live nearby. This super cute dress would look perfect with some new baby frilly socks, or some plain and simple tights if it’s a little chilly.

All in Ones

How endearing is this bright pink cheetah romper with matching cutesy hat? At £5, you certainly can’t complain at the price and while there are fleece all in one alternatives, these may be better saved until the winter season because they may be a little too warm for the mild autumn months. Overheating can be a huge issue with young babies – don’t risk it.


Offering outstanding value, full outfits can be an incredibly good value buy. When they’re newborn, many parents choose to dress their baby in super cute, pastel colours – this Angel Tutu Set for £10 is perfect!

If you’re due an autumn baby, you haven’t got much time left! There’s no reason why you can’t buy a few little treats for them before the big day.


  1. I agree GEORGE at ASDA has some gorgeous girl's outfits and at great prices too. I kitted out my kids with their school uniforms from GEORGE at ASDA this year!


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