Boy Films!

Oh my, the husband is SO excited about this new Agents of SHIELD (or whatever it's called) show starting tonight!  And then there are the new Atlantis  and Jason & the Argonauts series coming up too, not to mention the return of Homeland to our screens.  So, if my feminist sisters may forgive me, lots of bloke TV on its way!

But of course, living in a house of lists and list-makers, Steve has also begun his own Christmas wish list, and it begins with a lengthy selection of must-have DVDs - although I think he is also secretly hoping for a BluRay player from the Man in Red!

Most men are just little boys at heart, aren't they?  Certainly when it comes to TV and films.  Anything super hero, myth and legend, or science fiction and they're there!  So Steve's list goes something like this:

Iron Man 3

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Man of Steel

After Earth

Pacific Rim

The Lone Ranger

I am quite happy to watch most of those myself, I mean you know, I can just about force myself to sit through a couple of hours of Robert Downey Jr...  (Damn shame Gwyneth Paltrow's still kicking around, but you can't have everything!)  But I do wonder quite where all these DVDs are going to go, and are they things that will be watched repeatedly in years to come?  In fact, with the advent of online movie services, do we still need to buy DVDs?

My dear one insists yes, and likens it to never buying a book because you can get a Kindle (my bete noir); so I am sure that at least a couple of the above titles will be finding their way into his Christmas stocking this year.  But strict mummy wife that I am, I have insisted he has a clear out of his old DVDs, especially in light of our current paring down and reorganising of belongings.  After an initial bit of huffing and puffing, he has relented and decided to sell some old DVDs.  The waving carrot of new films may well have helped a little...

Now I just have to start campaigning for the 75th Anniversary edition of The Wizard of Oz...


  1. My fella is upstairs watching that Sheild I'm quite happy watching the soaps....
    We have hundreds of dvds which my fella refuses to part with! If he ever decides to part with them I know where they'll be going....

  2. My hubby's list would include The Bourne trilogy, Gladiator, The Godfather as well as very intellectual French movies that bore me into sleep.


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