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I'm gradually whittling the 'to buy' sections of my Christmas gift lists down, but am as ever stumped on 'man gifts'!  They are just so darn tricky to buy for, aren't they?  I must say the husband isn't too bad, and continues to be amazed that I amass ideas from conversations throughout the year to surprise him with at Name Days, Christmases and birthdays, but even then stocking fillers and things can be a tricky one.  Even Steve can only eat so much chocolate!

Luckily, I have recently discovered a fun gifts, gadgets and gizmos website Gizoo which has some fantastic stocking filler ideas I will be stashing away for the big day.  This book lamp which clips on to your book is a great idea, and means Steve can read whilst I watch a film, without him having to turn the main lights up too high - everyone wins!

Another one for the man stocking is this very cool ('scuse the pun!) heat changing Pac-Man mug, how fab is that?  Hours of endless fun whilst drinking his morning coffee, I'm sure!  Just fill it with hot water and the game appears.

I also found one of Steve's 'big presents' on the site, and I just know he is going to love this other '80s throwback - Bigtrak!  Hands up who remembers this funky programmable electric toy?!  Every boy I know wanted one, so a great gift idea for the man who has everything - and a fondly remembered youth!

If your chap is - ahem - a bit younger than mine (Groucho Marx quote anyone?) then how about this Tetris Heat Change Mug instead?  Same principle, just fill with hot water to get the game started.  Great fun!

And finally, I know Steve definitely needs a new water bottle for when we're out and about, so I was delighted to see the fab Contigo bottles in stock on Gizoo.  The girls love theirs, so this stainless steel adults version would be great for Daddy.  With a large 750ml capacity, and totally spill and leakproof, this sturdy bottle will be a big hit.

What will the man in your life find in their Christmas stocking this year?


  1. Some great ideas - I always struggle to buy for the men in my family - ie my dad and brothers. Boys aren't too bad but men are a nightmare to find gifts for!

  2. Looks like a great website. I usually hit IWOOT pretty hard for man gifts at this time of year. I'm halfway through the Christmas shopping. I only have the gifts to buy nearer the time e.g. chocolate and have to make my crafty gifts. I am loving the Chridtmassy posts as they keep me motivated :-)


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