Advent Calendars

I keep thinking that I must organise myself into getting one of those lovely Advent calendars which have empty pockets or boxes to fill with little treats for each day of the run up to Christmas.  But I'm not sure I could think of 24 little (non-chocolate!) gifts at the moment, maybe it would be an easier tradition to start when the girls are older.  Do any of you do this?  If so, what do you put in the drawers/pockets?

There are so many lovely designs out there, here are just a few I have been looking at on the Treasurebox website:

There are of course the Father Christmas, snowman and Rudolph hanging calendars which you see everywhere, although often not nearly as nicely made as these felt versions:

Then there are then these lovely handmade wooden calendars which look as though they have very well-sized drawers I must say, maybe that would help with my dilemma! They also come in beautiful shaped versions, like this train and sleigh.  Such a beautiful decoration to have around at Christmas-time too!

And finally, this handmade Gold & Silver Wooden Santa's House Advent Calendar is definitely the most elaborate, and equally gorgeous as a train!

Actually that's now two dilemmas - which designs to choose and what to fill the drawers with!  Oh dear.

So, tell me, which would you buy, and what would you fill the 24 drawers with?!


  1. I bought one for my Dad's November birthday a few years ago and now fill it every year. It's amazing how excited he gets at each new day's surprise, I thought I would struggle to find 24 gifts but it's actually quite easy.
    Maybe you could find a 24 piece christmas jigsaw, to have a piece a day to build a picture or a rag doll with a different item of clothing/accessory everyday

  2. Me and my husband do advent calendars for each other some years, I've never got around to buying a proper calendar though as just putting them in a box gives a lot more flexibility when it comes to the size of the gift as we put a limit on how much we can spend on any one item (and neither of us have any objection to chocolate, LOL!). If I was going to choose a calendar from the ones shown above then it would have to be one of the ones with drawers - the gold and silver santas's house would look great in my living room ;o)


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