Holiday at Last!

Big announcement: we're off on holiday next week!  Yay!  My PGP has abated sufficiently that I am now driving again, thank goodness, and so we are off on a much-needed break.  Having sadly had to cancel a previously booked holiday because of not being able to drive (or walk!), we are all very excited about our impending getaway.

My way too grown up for my liking three and a half year old has been excitedly packing all the things she needs, you know the vital stuff like Lalaloopsy Mini dolls, a pencil case stuffed full of crayons and colours, colouring book and notepad, her camera, even teddy has segued from the bed to the pile in readiness, and we're not going till Monday!

We are only going to the New Forest, about an hour's drive away, but Lara is beyond excited, especially when we told her that the 'camper van' (caravan actually, but Peppa Pig has a camper van so that's what it has to be called!) has a verandah.  Lara has decided all of her al fresco breakfast and lunch menus in readiness.  The second most exciting thing is the swimming pool, so new swimwear has been ordered in readiness.

Now we have reached the fussy particular about clothes stage, this is no mean feat!  Thankfully, Zoggs offers a fantastic wide selection of Childrens swimwear, some of which even met the 3 year old's stringent requirements!  These are the two favourites:

The pink flamingo was an obvious choice with Miss Pink herself, but I was a little surprised by the adoration of the blue one, although of course the pink flowers help!  She then went on to choose one of the fun kids swimming caps from Zoggs too, how cool is this?!

Just got to hope she doesn't do any Jaws-style tormenting of her sister in the pool now...


  1. Oo have a lovely time. Our eldest is also 3 1/2 and has already informed us that we are going camping and staying in a caravan next year! X


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