Saturday, 7 September 2013

Review: Cheeky Shoes

A lot of the time the lovely things which arrive at our door for review are for the family or for the girls, just sometimes they are all for me, me, me!  Such was the case this week when a pair of Cheeky Shoes arrived in full-on Dorothy red - lush!

These canvas shoes are designed to be the most comfortable you will ever wear, with a bamboo lining to help keep your feet cool and fresh and a synthetic sole to cushion you from the city streets.  All materials are sourced from British suppliers, and made in their East London workshop.  You can read all about the back story of this start-up from Cambridge here.

Designed to give women aged 25-45, particularly mums, easy to wear, great looking shoes that are comfortable and reliable, they have certainly succeeded in making a colourful splash in the marketplace!  With great customer service and a simple ordering process, they hope to make online shoe ordering a successful process.  To this end I was sent a code and ordered the colour and size I wanted online, and they arrived just a few days later.  Great service, and a very efficient, easy to use website.

When I first slipped the shoes on, they did dig in a little at the front, but I think this is down to dodgy swollen pregnancy feet rather than the shoe's size, and after a couple of hours wearing them with thick socks the canvas has stretched sufficiently in that area to not dig in.  Other than that they are very comfortable and slipper-like.  I know other reviewers have said they were able to walk miles and/or wear them all day as soon as they put them on.  Practically unheard of for new shoes!  Do make sure you check the size you need on their handy sizing guide as these shoes can come up slightly differently to standard sizes though.

I'm really pleased with my new shoes, and love the colour of them.  They are going to be a lovely bright addition to my autumn wardrobe!  If I can wrestle them off the girls that is...

Who should wear the red shoes: Lara or Mummy?!

Cheeky Shoes retail at £35, but you can get 10% off by signing up to their e-mail list.

They are currently also available in black, cream, navy, purple and duck egg, take a look at the online shop.


  1. They are really flattering on your feet - and what a gorgeous colour!
    I find shoe shopping so difficult.

  2. I have a pair and cannot believe how comfy they are! Not fo walking across a pebbly beach though (I speak from experience!)

  3. these look very comfortable, love the colour range

  4. I won a pair of cheeky shoes earlier this year, they were very comfy indeed. Now one of them has a hole at the top, but I can still wear them doing things in the garden.

  5. I love my cheeky shoes. Best, comfiest flats I have had. Need to decide which colour to get next!


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