Review: Dobble Game

We recently received the Dobble card game from Esdevium Games and what fun it is!  Consisting of a small tin of 55 cards, you might under estimate how many hours of fun - and challenge - are to be had with this little game, but read on...
On each card are 8 symbols, with only one symbol being common between any two cards.  The idea of all 5 of the game play options is to spot the connection, the common symbol, between the two cards as quickly as possible, certainly quicker than your opponent(s).

This sounds simple enough, but when confronted with the 16 symbols it is tricky to spot the common one between the 2 cards, especially as they are all jumbled up, facing different directions, and of different sizes.  Initially I thought "Oh I'll be good at this", but had to eat my words thoughts quickly enough!  Even if you can spot the commonality between the first few cards quickly, after that it all gets a bit jumbled, and trying to play the game quickly is actually quite tricky!

We have had great fun working our way through the 5 different game options, and have managed to create our own adapted versions for Lara to join in with too.  She loves it!

This is a great fun game for the whole family, and easy to slip in your handbag or luggage for days out, travelling, holidays etc.  Highly recommended.  Suitable for 2 to 8 players aged 6 years old and up, Dobble is widely available, RRP £12.99.


  1. We have this game too - it is brilliant! Aaron -and Lydia love playing it.


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