Shock Finding: Children Today Still Want the Same Toys Their Parents Had 30 Years Ago!

Yes, apparently kids today shun high-tech toys for the old traditional favourites.  Forget X-Boxes, Playstations, iPads, gadgets and gizmos, because when it comes to toys it seems that today's children like exactly the same traditional ones that their parents did.

Back in 1983 the top four most popular toys in Britain among children aged three to eight were: bikes, dolls houses, Barbie and My Little Pony.  Astonishingly, this is till the same today.

Despite fierce competition from high tech games consoles and the rise of the Internet, parents say that the most popular children's toy for children under 8 is a bike, second is a doll's house, followed by Barbie and then in fourth is My Little Pony.

A survey of 1,000 parents by Clearvision – to mark the launch of the new My Little Pony on DVD for the first time in the UK – found the overwhelming majority of young children prefer traditional toys to tech gadgets.

When asked what they thought their children would be most happy with as a gift, My Little Pony topped the list at number two with over a third of 3-6 year olds wanting a My Little Pony product as a present, beating both Barbie and a bike.

Simon Allan, Clearvision spokesman said:

"With electronic toys today making up a multibillion pound industry globally, it's amazing to see that even after 30 years children are still asking for the same toys their parents played with.  My Little Pony in its 30th year is as popular as ever, still holding its own in fourth in the top four of the most asked for presents among young children."

Other contenders for the top spot included Lego, Sindy, Furby, and Sylvanian Families.

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  1. debbie godbolt2 April 2014 at 04:16

    hi i agree the traditional toys that have been popular for over 30 years in some cases like thomas the tank engine and the fisher price phone are still love by the little ones born now
    wish i had kept them all in the loft for my childrens children lol


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